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Max Oliva: creative stupidity at the Hub Madrid


Remember what happened with eyephoneography #1 ? Max Oliva, the director of the Hub Madrid, the 21st of last September decided to take down the show without giving any notice to the organizer. The person who physically took down the show did it with no respect whatsoever for the images and ruined them all. 48 images from me, Greg Schmigel, MissPixels, and Sion Fullana treated like trash. It was called a barbaric act, a raptus of madness, a vandalic act. Well, not at all!

Today, it finally hit me: the Hub being a place for creative people, it was an experiment of creative stupidity! As a matter of fact, the ultimate goal of this act was to actually support mobile photography. How, you’d ask?

Well, yesterday the organizer of eyephoneography and this “genius” who directs the Hub, signed an agreement in which he recognized that he gave the order of taking down the show and agreed to pay the sum of 2500 Euros to reimburse the damages he caused. This sum was shared by the organizer with the four of us as if the photos were actually sold. Result? I realized that I have sold 22 photos 12 of which had been basically “bought” by Max Oliva!

How can an individual support more mobile photography if he buys all the photos exposed in an exhibition? Yes, you’re right, he could have bought the photos without taking them down and destroying them. But it wouldn’t be creative stupidity, would it?

Written by Marco La Civita

November 5th, 2010 at 5:49 pm