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Totò e Peppino

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Written by Marco La Civita

April 29th, 2010 at 7:00 pm

Posted in Photography

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  1. Ma chi è la malafemmina?

    Flickr: mz_thing

    29 Apr 10 at 18:33

  2. Jaime: how can you be so fast in commenting?! :) Man, if your posting date was the same and your horizontal granite over red was mine vertical red over granite I would have looked around for you!

    mz_thing: maybe we need to ask the owner of the pizza place ;)

  3. Added this photo to their favorites

    Flickr: Dred242

    29 Apr 10 at 19:56

  4. LOL, I guess we’re on the same page!

  5. Added this photo to their favorites

    Flickr: canardo

    1 Aug 10 at 20:24

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