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Shine on you crazy diamond

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via MarcoLaCivita

Shot, edited, and uploaded with an iPhone.

Location: Leon, Spain.

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Written by Marco La Civita

November 17th, 2010 at 6:57 pm

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  1. beautiful. This just seems so honest. There is something about this that draws me in. I really like it.

  2. Rated RAW by the RAW Street Photography group

    (comment & give RAW logo to 5 – 10 images for every 1 post)

  3. Added this photo to their favorites

    Flickr: 71heidi

    17 Nov 10 at 19:58

  4. un diamante in carne ed ossa


    18 Nov 10 at 09:04

  5. esattamente ;)

    Marco La Civita

    18 Nov 10 at 12:40

  6. ora immaginalo come un quadro di sabbia sul vetro…


    19 Nov 10 at 10:38

  7. Vero! Non ci avevo pensato.

    Marco La Civita

    19 Nov 10 at 14:29

  8. nice work

    Flickr: flaminiac

    18 Nov 10 at 14:08

  9. For me it’s her, Emily. Thanks.

  10. Added this photo to their favorites

    Flickr: TicianaCarneiro

    13 Jul 11 at 22:32

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