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“I’m too sexy for my hat”

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via MarcoLaCivita

Shot, edited, and uploaded with an iPhone.

Location: Madrid, Spain.

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Written by Marco La Civita

December 15th, 2010 at 3:27 pm

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  1. Flickr: IndyArthe

    15 Dec 10 at 14:34

  2. Nice.

    Flickr: Philip Ward

    15 Dec 10 at 14:57

  3. looks like a picture of bruce gilden ! :-)

  4. Michael, that is one hell of a compliment! Thanks.

  5. Added this photo to their favorites

    Flickr: i_still_believe_in_u

    15 Dec 10 at 17:18

  6. Please post this beautiful picture at
    H.W.A. – P2&A3.

  7. LOL!

  8. Added this photo to their favorites

    Flickr: Westscapes

    15 Dec 10 at 18:19

  9. Great catch!

    Flickr: _HerRo

    15 Dec 10 at 22:27

  10. very good capture!!!!

    Flickr: iSnob

    16 Dec 10 at 06:08

  11. Wanda Osiris è ancora con noi??!


    16 Dec 10 at 08:19

  12. Love the facial expression

    Flickr: apol3

    16 Dec 10 at 16:03

  13. the expression, the wardrobe and title fit so well

  14. That is precisely what I thought, Star ;)

  15. Added this photo to their favorites

    Flickr: zphoneography

    10 Jan 11 at 15:24

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